Where to go for Senior Pictures in Denver

Did you know more people will see your senior portrait than your wedding photos?

Senior portraits are an incredibly important piece of the high school experience, serving as the lasting memory your classmates will have of you as you move on to college. There’s nothing worse than having a picture taken that you don’t like and feeling like you missed your last chance to make a good impression on your peers.

So what can you do to ensure you’re going to love your portrait for years and years? This list will guide you through some important steps to take in order to ensure you’re going to the right place for your senior pictures in Denver.floor

  1. Meet with your photographer in advance

Not all portrait photographers are created equal. It’s important to meet with the photographer to check out their portfolio, make sure you feel comfortable around them, and talk to them about what you’re trying to achieve with your portraits to ensure you’re both on the same page. A quality photographer will be able to make suggestions, but also listen to your direction to ensure you get exactly what you want, with a professional touch.

  1. Ask for clothing advice

If you’re talking to a great photographer, they’ll be able to give you some guidance on what you should be wearing to your shoot. While it’s easy to assume your favorite outfit will do, the truth is that some things photograph better than others, and a professional knows exactly what will work and what won’t. There’s nothing that can ruin a photo faster than an unflattering outfit. Talk to your photographer about what he or she recommends, and then do some research of your own. If the internet agrees with your photographer, you can be more confident that this person has plenty of experience in portraits.

  1. Talk about location and lighting

Most portrait photographers will let you choose whether you want your photo taken outside or in their studio. If it’s the latter, ask for a tour of the studio so you can see their backdrop and lighting equipment in advance. A good studio will have plenty of lighting equipment not only to illuminate your face, hair, and outfit, but to disperse and soften light in a variety of ways to make sure it will be flattering to each individual. If you find the studio to be under-equipped, you may want to consider having your photos done elsewhere, or at least taken outside instead of in the studio.

  1. Pay attention to the retouching

Unfortunately, there are plenty of photographers floating around who can take beautiful shots, but totally mess up your portrait when it comes to retouching. When you’re checking out their portfolio, look for stray hairs that should have been removed, skin that’s so smooth it looks fake, or inconsistent shadows that give away where an area has been altered. Great photographers are professionals both during the shoot and in post-production.

  1. Start with the best

If you’re looking for senior pictures in Denver, it makes sense to start with one of the most reputable photographers in the area– Kelly Weaver Photography. At Kelly Weaver you’ll be assured that all of the above considerations are taken care of, and you’ll be in the hands of a true professional who has helped hundreds of students in the Denver area get the kinds of portraits they’ll love for years to come.