What Parents Should Know about Children’s Brain Injury


Most of us are unfortunately ignorant about what we should do and should not after a child suffers brain injury. How many of us know that a child must not be allowed to play if he/she exhibits concussion symptoms? We are also unaware that it’s okay to let a concussed child sleep.

According to a recent report, brain injuries affect nearly 1.6-3.8 million kids in America. Here are some important information the parents should know about children’s head injuries.

Children in Two Age Groups Are At Higher Risk of Head Injuries

According to a report by CDC, children between 0-4 years and 15-19 years are more vulnerable to traumatic brain injuries. The children, who are yet to be 4-years old, don’t have well-developed head and neck muscles and lack coordination.

Those between 15-19 years are at risk as they take part in sports. They also love riding bicycles, driving vehicles and other activities which involve high risk of head injury.


Concussion could be fatal and must be considered seriously. The parents must take prompt action if the child is younger. Visit your primary doctor first. If things turn worse; the child must be rushed to emergency room. If your child starts vomiting, loses consciousness or seizures set in, immediate medical attention is a must.

Concussion Symptoms

Concussion symptoms are not same for everyone. Sometimes, they are late-appearing. Confusion, loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness etc are main symptoms to look for. According to neurology experts, if the children below 2 years of age show excessive irritability or sleep for an unusually longer period of time after suffering a brain injury, it should be a matter of concern for the parents.

Worry Less after 4-6 Hours

The doctors are less concerned even about a severe injury with brain swelling, bleeding in brain or a fracture after 4-6 hours. However, worsening symptoms including headache or vomiting must not be taken lightly.

Concussed Child Should Be Allowed To Sleep

It is a wrong conception that the concussed child must be woke up every few hours to ensure that they are responding. According to the medical experts, it only delays recovery. The concussed child must be allowed to take complete rest.

Playing Not Allowed For Concussed Child

If a child suffers concussion, he/she must not be allowed to play. If the child suffers concussion on the playground, he/she must be taken off the field and allowed to take full rest. If the child continues playing, the injury could become more serious and he/she may even succumb to death. Even if the child is symptomatically fine after suffering concussion, rest is a must for healing.

Monitor the Child

Even if the children are not feeling okay, they will not admit it as they love playing. Monitoring is important after a child picks up injury. The child must be kept out of playing even at the slightest symptom of concussion.

Support a Concussed Child

The doctors claim that 80-90% of children, who have suffered concussion, will return to normalcy within 2-3 weeks. During this time, depression may set in as they fail to keep pace with others at school. These children need support from parents, teachers, coaches and friends as it will speed up their recovery process.

The parents should consult a brain injury lawyer if the child has suffered concussion from an injury due to other’s fault.

Christian Edye