What do single women want to see in men

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What do women want to see in men? This is an eternal question that has plagued single men for decades. Some men seem to always find a date at the drop of a hat. What do those men have that others don’t? Why do women flock to certain men while ignoring others? The answer is multifaceted as it is often a generational quirk.

Teenagers are all about who will tell them what they want to hear. There is also the perceived image of the man that plays a huge part with teenagers choosing who they date. Most teenage girls are only interested in being rebellious so that means being attracted to the “bad boy” image. The guy that seems to not care what others think. It is increasingly more common to see eighteen and nineteen-year-old teenage women dating much older men – twenty plus years their senior.

College age women are often more interested in no strings attached style relationships. This is most likely attributed to the lack of time outside of classes and studying. Women in college are usually around their mid-twenties and slightly older. Not all college age women are interested in a “one-night stand”, not by any means. Time constraints and general stress of college life limits time to build a relationship so many simply don’t bother dating at all. Simply being easy going and generally interesting will help if you are interested in dating women in college.

Women nearing thirty to forty years old are often more interested in settling down a bit. They have completed their college interests and are now working on their careers. This means they will be more interested in men of similar thinking and similar situations in their own lives. No longer is the bad boy image interesting nor is the party style worth the post college age woman’s attention. If this is you and plan on dating around this age group, change your style and image. Dependability is key here, if you are the guy that always disappears when the check comes don’t bother wasting your time with women of this age group. They won’t waste their time with you.

Women over forty years old but not quite “senior citizen” age are often more sophisticated than their younger compatriots. Women of this age group are often more interested in musicals, plays, and culture related activities. Men that are into extreme sports and looking for the next death defying thrill, you may be in luck as women in this age group experience their “mid-life crisis” – similar to how men do.

Senior aged single women are the breakout surprise age group. Women that are in their golden years are usually looking for someone that wants to get out and experience things such as cruises and just sightseeing through the best senior dating sites. Stereotypes put women in this age group watching TV and waiting for grandkids to visit. That is very much yesteryear as today senior singles are more willing to just experience life in general. Getting out of the house, enjoying the nest egg, whatever you want to call it, senior dating are more active than you think. Keep that in mind when approaching a senior single woman as you may be surprised at how hard it is to keep up.

Jesse Sternberg