What can your kids do when they are on vacation and you are not?


Family time can often be hard to find. As work and school usually get in the way of being together. However, for children, being on their own, is also an opportunity to go explore on the world, socialize, make friends and discover new activities outside of the often overprotective family bubble. For parents, the will of having their children away is often imbricated with a desire of seeing them grow their own personality and becoming more and more independent. Children have a lot of energy and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with them as we come back from work. The school system also provides them with more free time than grownups. So how can families find a balance? Are there ways to make the apprehension of parents disappear?

When children have a lot of time on their hands, they usually end up in front of screens, snacking most of the day. Their friends don’t always live nearby and they cannot see them as often as they used to. Sometimes having their friends leave on holiday for a longer period of time can cause children stress. Nowadays grandparents usually still work and are not able to take care of them during the holidays. Sometimes grandparents live too far or are not healthy enough to handle small children for a long periods of time. In addition to this, the environment of relatives is often not offering stimulation to our children, whether it is intellectual or physical.

The problem grows even more when they enter teenage years. They do not necessarily go to family members anymore since they are bored in most places they already know and these children end up doing nothing productive of their free time.

However, there are summer camps for children and teenagers. This is a great opportunity for them to mingle among their own and discover activities they might fall in love with. It is an amazing relief for parents to know their children are mentored by a competent staff that have children’s best interests at heart.

Camps like Fitness by the Sea take a particular interest of children’s wellbeing through activities that will maintain them healthy and interested. Camps need to have a very diverse selection of activities for kids not to get bored but also for them to find activities they will fall in love. Fitness by the Sea offers water activities such as, surfing, boogie boarding, swimming, paddling, skim boarding and knee boarding. Fitness by the sea also offers individual sports like gymnastics, boxing, and even Thai Chi.

Childhood and teenage years can be tough for many children. Finding something they like doing in a different environment will boost their confidence. Moreover, it is a great way for them to make friends outside of their comfort zone that will broaden their mind in accepting and adapting to a different way of living and thinking. Summer camps offer a great alternative to classic daycare while providing them with healthy meals. This will keep kids busy during the day and eating properly.