Understanding Screen Addiction in Kids and How to Stop It?


Technological advancement has made life easy and comfortable. Still, there are many perils which are being given by the abuse of the technology and one of such abuse is the screen addiction of the kids. Screen addiction is the using of the smart phone for a long duration of time on daily basis, to such extent that you cannot live without using Smartphone for a day. This addiction is no better than other addiction and has its own disadvantages. In order to find more about the perils of screen addiction among children you can go to Family Orbit.

Why to stop the kids from watching smart phones?

  • Affects the learning capacity of the child: Excess usage of the smart phones by the kids effects the growth of the motor neurons of the brain. These nerves are responsible for the learning capacity of the kids, and slow down of the growth of these nerves results in slowing the learning capacity of the kids.
  • Hamper sleeping process of the kids: The screen addiction is responsible for reducing of the sleeping hours of the child, as he is unable to leave the mobile and go for sleep. Sleeping is the time when the body does the healing of the worn out cells and replacing them with the new ones. This speeds up the healing process and the good night sleep increases the immune power of the body. Thus, addiction of your child could make him ill very often.
  • Social outcast: The too much usage of the mobile is going to make your child cut off from his connectivity with the rest of the world. This reduces the social adaptability of the child which is very important for a child to live and survive in the society. Thus, he finds very difficult to accustom himself in the society.
Ellie Darbyshire