Top 5 places for family holidays in Asia


When it comes to the ideas of where to spend the holiday with your family, Asia has a so many places to bespoke you. From tropical jungle to sundrenched beaches, from rich-cultural cities to spectacular regional landscapes, these are some of the top choices that you should consider for your travel plan:

The country is home to stunning beaches with world class resorts, tastefully famous cuisine and wide range of activities for family. Either it is a classic sightseeing to Royal Palace or a soft adventure to ride on elephant’s back in Chiang Mai or simply a beach escape in Phuket, Thailand has something to make your family busy and entertained.

Vietnamese people adore kid, that is why it is voted as one of the best destinations for family holiday. There are different ways to make your Vietnam Holiday enjoyable. A mountain trek in Sapa offers great educational trip while Hoi An town lets your children travel back to the past, understanding the value of history, floating markets and serene life in Mekong Delta will give them a real impression of Asia exotic life.

If you think about a holiday full of relaxing moments and water sports, think Maldives. Luxury resorts isolated from main land make it a wonderful place to escape from work and busy city life. Maldives also hosts impressive diving spots where your children have chance to behold the pristine coral reef and diverse marine life.

The landscapes of Myanmar are distinctive from any other countries you have visited. In northern area, it is full of holy pagodas and temples, picturesque river while southern sites have wild islands and magnificent rural scenery. Hence, families have countless chances to create Myanmar Travel itineraries like no other. It is not to mention that Myanmar has wide range of family friendly activities like biking, treasure hunting game, horse riding, lake kayaking.

The Philippines
Ideally, family will find all the sources for a long holiday either at a very active pace or simply winding by the sea. Positive reviews have been made from year to year for its beautiful natures : cascading waterfall, captivating rice terraces, sandy beach, azure waters , etc… Families love to spend time to do overland journeys in Philippines for certain things as they encounters the changes of culture, people’s lifestyles and so much more. The country is really a great destination for family fun packed holidays.

Christian Edye