Tips for Finding a Great Family Dentist


Every family should have a family dentist for everything from that annual checkup to getting regular teeth cleaning. But finding out where the right dentist is for your family can be tricky. Whether you are new in town and need to find a dentist fast or have simply never had a regular dentist, you can find one with these simple tips.

Ask for a Referral

This is particularly helpful if you lived in a nearby town and can ask your regular dentist to recommend someone to you for your new location. If looking for a small-town dentist College Station TX may be a tough nut to crack at first. But getting a referral from another dentist will help a great deal. If you don’t have a local dentist or doctor that can make that referral, you could try the nurse at the kid’s new school or ask a neighbor that has kids the same age as your own kids. A referral from someone in a similar situation is always a good ice breaker as well.

Think About the Logistics

So, you have the name of a local dentist that several people have said is a good one for families. You know where it is and have driven over to check it out. Before you get carried away by the great entrance or beautiful building, think about the logistics of getting you and the kids to this dentist. Does public transit get you there or will you always have to drive? Is there plenty of good parking nearby?

Look into the dentist’s hours to make sure they will allow some appointments after school and work or on the weekends or you will be pulling them out of school every time they need to see this dentist. Do your homework on the practical questions for appointments, payments and transit first.

Call Testing the Office

Now that you have a few answers in place, make a call to the office and do an over the phone interview. Is the staff friendly and helpful? Talk about hours, billing and how accessible the dentist is for questions. Are they even taking on new patients right now? If the receptionist seems rude or rushed, they may be taking on too many patients or are disorganized. Either way, cross them off your list and move on.

Book a Visit

Once you have gone through your list of possible dentists and found one you liked that fit the criteria mentioned above it is time to make an actual visit. This is a good time to check out the waiting room, watch the support staff and see if they seem happy in their job and well organized. A disorganized dentist office can mean trouble down the line, so watch carefully.

Also- are you comfortable in this office? Always listen to that inner voice if you have any bad feelings about this place. You will be placing your family’s health in their hands, do you trust them to do the right things? If the answer is yes, then you have found your new dentist!