Things to Consider When Buying a Breast Pump


Though there are lots of milk products available for your young baby, many experts and mothers would argue that there’s nothing healthier for newborns than breastmilk. Breastmilk is filled with beneficial antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses and diseases, and studies have shown that it minimises the risk of babies developing allergies or asthma. There are also studies that suggest babies who are fed solely with breast milk as oppose to alternative milk products for the first six months are less prone to ear infections, diarrhoea and respiratory illnesses.

Unfortunately, breastfeeding isn’t always convenient, especially when you’re out in public with your baby for long periods of time. Plus, nipples can get sore after breastfeeding, especially if your baby starts to grow teeth after the first few months. If you’re struggling to give your baby breastmilk whenever he or she needs it, you might consider buying a Medela Swing Breast Pump in NZ. Below, this article takes a look at what makes a good breast pump so that you can buy a product that will keep you comfortable and your baby well nourished.

Choosing the Right Breast Pump

When choosing a breast pump, make sure you take the following factors into consideration because you don’t want a product that causes discomfort or fails to do its job.

  • The action of the pump – A breast pump ought to stimulate your nipples in the same way as a feeding baby does because it encourages healthy milk flow. However, it also should help milk flow painlessly and efficiently so that you can extract milk for your baby in comfort.
  • Vacuum level – Try and find a breast pump that allows you to change its vacuum level. If theirs is only one vacuum setting on the pump, you might find the product uncomfortable and consequently difficult to use.
  • Convenience – You’ll probably try to use your breast pump at home more often than anywhere else to be prepared for outings with your baby, but you should consider the possibility that you’ll have to use it while you’re away from your property. For that reason, it’s a good idea to find a breast pump that fits conveniently into your bag and can be used just about anywhere with ease.
  • Loudness – Needless to say, you ought to find a breast pump that’s quiet, especially if you intend to use it outside, because it’ll make you feel more comfortable to actually use the product.
  • How it’s powered – Many breast pumps work by being plugged into a power outlet, but you might want to find one that can also run on batteries so that you’re always prepared.

Healthy Milk for a Healthy Baby

As long as you find a breast pump that ticks all the boxes by taking the factors detailed above into consideration, you’ll be able to give your baby the milk they need as and when required. Just make sure you buy from a provider you can trust who guarantees quality in their products.