Some Harmful Effects of Combining Anavar and Alcohol on Your Body


Over weight is a major concern in various people these days and as a result they follow diet, go to gym, do exercises and take weight loss supplements too. These supplements sometimes have few side effects if not taken as per the recommended dosage or if mixed with any other substance. People often have a question whether it is safe to combine Anavar with alcohol or to avoid it for the betterment of your health.

This is because both Anavar and alcohol usually have some after effects on your liver. Anavar is basically an anabolic steroid for weight loss used by many for cutting cycle to get a lean and toned body. It is also sold under different brand names such as Oxandrolone, Oxandrin, or Anavar.

It is a strong steroid and must be consumed with guidance as it can cause liver diseases in some individuals. Therefore, you should always wait until after you use Anavar to drink to check if you are feeling normal or not after its consumption. That’s why always avoid alcohol while using it. Let’s take a look at few safety measures to avoid such problems and factors that can help you to get a lean physique:


  1. Cycle dosage:

It is recommended to take a scheduled dosage with cutting cycle for better effects. Cycle process involves one or may be more potential stimulants. The cycles are usually continued for weeks and then a set of pattern has to be followed for desirable goals with weight loss. The dosage can be 50-100 milligrams for men and 2.5-20 mg for women. You may take advice from experts according to your body type.

  1. Avoid if you have liver problem or a weak liver system:

Anavar has a property of being an oral anabolic steroid and usually has a side effect known hepatotoxicity. Hence, for successful oral administration, always alter the 17th carbon, also known C17 Alpha Alkylation. This allows any anabolic steroid to experience the liver metabolism procedure with greater percentage of passing these steroids to the bloodstream.

Furthermore, as per some pharmaceutical manufacturers and other medical experts Anavar is less harmful and is not metabolized by your liver in comparison to other anabolic steroids and has minor influence over hepatotoxicity.


These supplements can give you a perfect and slim body, if you manage to take them with a scheduled cycle and exercise properly. Recommended dosage plays a vital role in weight loss. Hence, always follow them seriously.


Jesse Sternberg