Should You Hire a Wedding Band or DJ?


A lot of people wonder whether they should hire a band or DJ for their wedding. Both of them provide music, but which is going to be the best one to go with for your big day? Knowing who to choose can help you make the best decision in the end.

Know some differences between the two to find out which might be the best one for you. It all depends on what you want out of the ceremony and what you’d like to get. While both come with their own sets of pros and cons, it is ultimately up to your tastes and what you want.

The Wedding Band


The wedding band is a live group that sings the music and they can also play songs of your choice, depending on what you’d like. They can set the tone for your wedding and even do many different songs. However, you have to choose a band that fits in with your taste and style of music. The choices for what they can sing might be limited. Always check for referrals from the band, that they are available on your day and can play the songs you need them to play. Their prices range, so it is important to consider the price aspect of them.

Make sure to find out if they charge by musician per hour and what they need. You don’t want to provide too much in order for them to be a good band, but you also want to make sure you’re within the budget that you have for the music.

Always sample their work! You want to hear them live or on tape or in action. Making sure to listen to them first is always a good thing since you want to make sure that you’re hearing the band before you throw them on stage and think they can do a good job.

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The Wedding DJ


The wedding DJ is a person that plays recorded music, but can also be the master of ceremonies for you, if you wish. One of the biggest elements of choosing a DJ is their style and personality. You want someone that is fun to be around and happy. You want to work with someone that can send electricity through the room and get everyone moving. When you choose a DJ like this, you can make a difference on how the music is perceived.

It is always important to ask for price. Generally, this is just either a flat fee or an hourly rate, depending on how long you’d like to use their DJ services for. Make sure that they can play all of the favourite songs of yours and keep the party going.

You can even watch them in action if you ask them. There is not much to sample, but seeing them on tape or live can give you can idea of how they work.

Whether you choose a band or DJ is up to you. You want to work with someone that can provide the help needed without having to worry about not having the right music for the occasion.

Ellie Darbyshire