Music for the Soul:  5 Reasons Learning to Play an Instrument is a Great Choice


For some odd reason, people tend to think they’re too old to learn an instrument as adults. But the truth is, it’s never too late to learn it, even if you’re already retired and comfortably sipping a cup of tea under an umbrella. In fact, everyone can become at least semi-proficient at it in as little as 6 months, but this is not even the point: it’s about personal growth and having fun!

In any case, here’s why you shouldn’t wait any longer to pick up an instrument:

You’re going to impress your friends

Everybody knows that learning an instrument requires great discipline and a whole lot of time. It’s easy to see why that alone is reason enough to impress someone. And besides, playing an instrument in front of your friends is a great way to entertain others when socializing. Being a good entertainer is going to get you new friends quicker than you can imagine.

Playing an instrument allows you to express yourself

Over the years, emotions often get trapped in us without having an outlet to escape. We start looking for ways how to tell the world what’s going on inside us, looking to be understood. What’s better than picking up an instrument and using it as a tool to convey our inner emotional state? Music is so much more than what notes you play; it’s how much delay you introduce between each and every note, how loudly you play it, how you change the tempo… by getting proficient as a musician, you can easily make others go from laughing to crying in a matter of minutes.

There are nearly limitless instruments to choose from

If plucking strings is your thing, why not pick up a ukulele or a guitar? If you’re more into keyboards, there’s that, both electronic and classical. But the best thing is, you can be a musician without having to worry about notes, chords, and scales. Why not become a drummer? This is a great way to go if you prefer rhythm to melody. It’s easy enough to get the best electronic drum kit without having to spend a fortune. That way, you also won’t have to worry about waking up your neighbors while playing.

Music is a great hobby

Have you been looking for something to do, perhaps starting a new hobby? Music can be one of the best ways to fill that void. Not only are you going to grow as a person doing it, you’re also going to spend your time much more productively than, say, by watching TV.

In the end, it’s therapy for the soul

Whenever something’s bothering you, just pick up your instrument of choice and play. You’d be surprised how relaxing it is. Don’t view it in terms of practice and drudgery, view it as a therapy. If you don’t put any pressure on yourself and give it as much time as needed, you’re going to heal the inner spiritual wounds and let it entertain you.


Don’t start playing an instrument if you aren’t doing it for yourself. Music is a subtle thing and practicing an instrument isn’t possible without love for what you’re doing, at least not in the long-term. But if you give it a chance and don’t rush things along, it may very well become a huge passion in your life.

Ellie Darbyshire