Mistakes that are Robbing Your Shooting Accuracy


Many people even when using the best guns such as the Weihrauch hw100 find that they are unable to shoot accurately. This is not because they need a new/different gun, but simply because of errors in their setup or execution. There are many common mistakes that people tend to make when shooting in which impair their shooting abilities and results in misses.

With so much skill involved in shooting today we are going to list some of the mistakes that people make with the intention of enable people to recognise when they are making them and stop making them straight away. Keep on reading…ford

Mistakes to Avoid

Improperly mounted scope – Do you know how to mount a scope in the right way? Maybe you think that you do, but really you don’t. You should look into how to mount a scope to be sure that you are doing it in the right way – There are many instructions available across the web but you could also ask your gun supplier for tips and guidance.

Unstable rest – It goes without saying that those shooting should be sure to use stable rests, or at least it should. This allow for you to shoot the rifle and concentrate on your shooting ability without having to worry about keeping a steady hand.  Recommended options include stable bipods and heavy bench rests.

Shooting in bad conditions – You should carry out your load testing and sighting early morning, this is when the temperature is the lowest and mirage should be non-existent. It is of course to shoot in poorer weather conditions so you need to take a look at the forecast to discover the best times for shooting.

Inconsistent shoulder pressure – Shoulder pressure needed to shoot accurately varies from person to person, there is not really a ‘right’ amount of pressure and people must test out various pressures to determine which works best for them.

Inconsistent trigger pull – Learning to press a trigger is somewhat an art. Getting trigger pull right can take a lot of practice, whether that be with live rounds or dry-fire practice.  Practice really does make perfect and people looking to shoot the most accurately must practice at every opportunity that they are given.

These are only some of the mistakes in which people make when learning how to shoot too – If you want to be the best shooter that you can be, you need to practise, practise and practise again! Practise makes perfect and if you want to succeed you need to ensure that you are doing every little thing perfectly.


Lincoln Loughlin