Kids Party Entertainment Melbourne and Sydney

Planning a kids’ party and not sure where to turn for the entertainment, or left it a bit late to turn yourself into a dozen different characters and learn enough magic tricks to show off to the kids? You want to give your kids the best possible party and you need to make sure that every one enjoys it. How do you achieve this? You turn to the services of a professional children’s party entertainer.  When you are looking for a company that is guaranteed to create a fantastic party,  Fairy Freckles are exactly who you need. Kids party entertainers Melbourne is a big industry and finding the best people to trust with your party arrangements is not the easiest thing to do. However, Fairy Freckles offer everything you might need or want from a party.make up

Fairy Freckles and Friends are located in Melbourne and also provide children’s party entertainment in Sydney. They create unforgettable kid’s parties wherever they are. Depending on your preference they can put on a magic show and create amazing balloon figures. Kids will be able to take home something that was created especially for them and play with the balloon after the party has come and gone.
Fairy Freckles or one of her friends will be Master of Ceremonies and bring fun party games with singing and dancing. They will also set up a face painting station and create artworks on faces. Children are always drawn to the face painting and may be turned into fairies or little monsters.  It doesn’t have to be a birthday. It can also be a party to mark the end of term, first day at school or maybe to celebrate your child’s first performance on stage. These occasions are as important in the kid’s lives as birthdays, and you’ll want to celebrate just as much as they do. Freckles will take away all the worries about entertainment in a wedding or a fete, or any other type of occasion you can think of and they cater for children of all ages.

There are a wide range of different characters to make your party special. Fairy Freckles is the leader of the pack, but her friends love to party just as much as she does. And while fairy parties are always popular, what about a unicorn party with the Unicorn Princess Sparkle as the special guest all those unicorn lovers out there? Whichever member of the gang you invite to your party, you can be sure they’ll bring the magic, fun and games. Other characters include The Rainbow Mermaid, Pirate Pearl and Giggles the Clown. make up

Choose the favorite character and watch them entertain you children while adults sit back and relax. You may even find yourself enjoying the party even more than the kids do! Perhaps it’s time for you to take part too and not only be the parent but allow the inner child to come out and join the fun.

Fairy Freckles and Friends offer different packages you can choose from to suit both your needs and your budget. In a party that will last for an hour, you can have a magic show, games, rainbow dance and face painting. There will also be bubbles and pass the parcel game. 1.5 hour or 2-hour long parties will include a magic show, special birthday wishes for the birthday boy or birthday girl and games can include parachute play and there may even be a treasure hunt! If you have a toddler party Fairy Freckles will adapt games to suit the little ones: Dancing to popular children’s music, bubble blowing and, of course, face painting will all feature.make up

Fairy Freckles and her friends love nothing better than working with children and brining the fun to every party they visit.  They’ll work their magic to make sure that every one at the party is involved and having a great time.  No matter what kind of party you want to create for children and their playmates, this is the company that will be ready to help. You can contact them online at or via phone.