How to Choose an Engagement Ring She Will Love

Engagement Ring She Will Love

Nothing is more exciting in life than looking for a ring for the woman you love. But how do you accomplish this task in secret? This type of manoeuvre can be somewhat tricky. However, with careful planning, it is possible to present your girlfriend with a ring she will really like. So, if you want to get down on bended knee and surprise her, you may benefit from the following tips.

Observe the Jewelry She Wears

If you want to choose a ring she loves, you need to observe what the love of your life wears. Does she like contemporary or traditional jewelry styles?

Remember that Cut Determines Brilliance

The cut of a diamond determines its sparkle. Therefore, an excellent cut gives a diamond its brilliance. If the gem conveys a flashing and fiery effect, then you know you have made a good selection. A diamond with a poor cuts looks dull and uninspiring, while a well-cut diamond reveals a sparkle, even if it is not the perfect grade with respect to colour or clarity. So, when selecting a diamond, choose stones that are rated “very good” when it comes to cut.

Solicit Some Help

You have taken on quite a challenge if you want find a diamond that your partner will love. If you do not think your girlfriend’s colleagues or friends will be discreet about your plans, ask her mother, your mother, your sister, or a trusted female friend to help you shop. They can help you find a ring that your girlfriend will love and cherish.  To make shopping easier, review the selection of engagement rings in Houston online.

Delete Your Browser History

Just make sure you delete your browser history after a search. Also, do not forget that certain browsers, like Firefox, will open to the pages you last visited. So, if you don’t want your girlfriend to be greeted by pages of engagement rings when she checks her e-mails, make sure that you leave no evidence that you have been searching online.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Size of Ring

Selecting the correct ring size is another challenge of buying an engagement ring in secret. If you can measure one of the rings your girlfriend wears frequently, or bring it into a jewelry store for sizing, you can get a better idea of the fit needed. Your partner’s sister, mother, or friend may also know your partner’s ring size.

Buy from a Jeweler That Offers Resizing

If you happen to get the size wrong, make sure the jeweler that sells you the ring offers resizing services. While you hope the ring fits perfectly, you still have to make sure you are covered in case the size is wrong. At least have a back-up plan in case the ring does not fit as it should on your girlfriend’s finger.

The Packaging Should be Discreet

If you have the ring delivered to your address, make sure the packaging does not give away the nature of its contents. You may also think about having the ring delivered to an alternative address to ensure secrecy.