Hair Extension Tips: Working Out With Your Extensions


“There’s no way I can have hair extensions put in my hair, I work out every day, and the sweat will just mess them up.” Hair stylists hear this all the time, so we thought we’d tackle this hair extension myth.

Just because you live an active lifestyle, it doesn’t exclude you from wearing hair extensions. In fact, you can run a marathon and have great looking hair as soon as you’re done. It’s all about the placement of the hair and proper installation and care. Your hair extensions can withstand any intense workout, as long as you know how to take care of your extensions pre, during and post workout.

Take out Clip-Ins

Working out with Clip-Ins is a possibility, but to be honest, it’s a bit unnecessary. The good news about clip-ins is that they are very easy to install and to take out, so there’s absolutely no need to workout with them in.

Avoid slippage

The first step that you should do is ensure that your hair isn’t touching your neck or your forehead —a high ponytail or bun are ideal. Headbands are an excellent idea to keep your hair out of the way. Bandanas, scarves and mesh wraps are also great ideas if you want to go the extra mile and wrap your entire head of hair. Obviously, pulling on your hair will also pull on the bonds, tape, or beads, creating additional stress on them which could lead to slippage.

Avoid frizz

For individuals that really enjoy swimming in a pool, wearing a swimming cap to stop frizz before it starts is essential. Some people hate wearing swim caps, but if you choose not to wear one while swimming you’ll end up with tangled and frizzy extensions.

Keep in mind that chlorinated water doesn’t go well with hair extensions so do everything you can to protect your beautiful locks. The same rules of swimming apply to the rules of going into a steam room or sauna. All kinds of moisture will frizz out your hair, so by wearing a cap, it will help tremendously. Keeping your sauna and steam room visits short is also highly recommended.

Avoid melted bonds

If you’re running, hiking, walking or doing other outdoor exercises, always ensure that you protect your head with a head wrap or hat. Exposing your extensions to the heat of the hot sun can be just as damaging as exposing them to styling tools like curlers, straighteners and blowdryers.


Taking care of your extensions post-workout is just as important as caring for them during your workout. After you finish your workout, always wash and condition with sulphate-free products. If you’ve been swimming, try a hair mask or deep conditioner at least once a week (keeping it away from the bonds) to help your extensions recover from chlorine damage.

You should never have to give up one thing for another, so by following the above tips; you should be able to take proper care of your hair extensions.