Got Time? Plans to Create Time Efficiency


As parents, we lead chaotic lives, every day. From sunrise to sunset we pack lunches, rush to work, attempt to beat the traffic home, beg our spouse to pick up dinner, and so on. We can easily wear ourselves thin as we manage our daily tasks.

Most of us just want rest in our free time, but rarely find the time to make for ourselves. So how can we manage our daily schedules and find the time to do something for ourselves? Consider a few of these options for a manageable schedule:

Get Organized

Although it can be difficult, organization can help reduce the time it takes to carry out your tasks. To get started, start small. You can begin with something as simple as your bathroom. Go through your medicine cabinet and get rid of the things you no longer need. Having your bathroom essentials organized can easily put you a couple of minutes ahead of schedule in the morning.Image result for Got Time? Plans to Create Time Efficiency

Another opportunity to get organize is your closet, instead of staring at the cluttered abyss of the same clothes you always wear, consider going through and donating items that you no longer use. Once this is done, consider placing the clothes that only pertain to the season you’re in. This way you’re not looking for your favorite shirt amongst winter coats. Additional, save yourself some time by organizing the clothes by color. This should provide you with the opportunity for a timely selection.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Morning Routines

Instead of rushing to make breakfast and packing the kids’ lunches, have their lunch made the night before. In addition to this, have your child help with the process. This will teach them organizational skills that they can later apply. Additionally, this will encourage them to make their own lunches. Be sure to incorporate healthy options for them to select from.

Another great way to save some time in the mornings is to have your outfit already selected. Be sure to have everything ironed the night before to avoid any last-minute preparation. Having your clothes laid out and ready is a great way to cut time during your morning routine.

Meal Preps

A great way to save time, money, and energy is to prepare meals ahead of time. Cooking your meals in bulk can allow for dinners all week. Consider sometime within your weekend to cook emails for the week. Not only are you saving money, but you’re eating cleaner, and avoiding late dinners that keep you from preparing for the next day.

Set Hard Deadlines

We’ve seen the significance of hard deadlines at work and incorporating them into your home proves to provide results as well. Attempt to set a schedule in your home that will improve productivity. Consider a list with a breakdown such as:

  • Wakeup- 6:30AM
  • Breakfast- 7:00AM
  • Homework Completion: 6:30PM
  • Dinner- 7:00PM
  • Family Time 8:00PM
  • Bedtime- 10:00PM

Establishing specific times for a purpose will put your entire family on a schedule and increase productivity. Although there may be days that run outside of your set schedule, you can easily stay on track with the additional time-saving tips.

Quality Time

Now that you’ve reconstructed your schedule, take the time you have to spend some quality time with the kids and even with yourself. Freeing up your time will allow for more moments of quality time. Consider establishing a specific night where the family gets together to do something special. If homework is done, work reports are finished, and dishes are done; it might be a great opportunity to watch a movie together or even play old fashion board games.

There is nothing more important to us than family, however as parents, we strive for more opportunities to enjoy that time despite hectic schedules. Try to implement these ideas for a more productive way to increase time efficiency.


Laura Cramsie