Five Tips to Find the Wedding Venue of Your Dreams


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, probably only superseded by the birth of your children. When you’re planning the wedding of your dreams, the wedding venue will play a major role. Here are five tips for finding the right wedding venue for having the day that you’ll always remember.

Set a Budget

When planning something as important as your wedding, it can be very easy to go overboard when placing orders. However, if you know exactly how much you can spend then you will be more likely to be selective when booking a caterer, the venue, the photographer, and other services needed for your big day. In Australia, the average wedding can cost up to $35,000, but you don’t want to start off your life together by going into debt for one day even if it’s your wedding day.

Figure Out What You Want

Before searching for the best wedding venues in Perth, you need to decide which type of wedding you and your fiancé wish to have. Do you want to get married outdoors at the beach or in a forest? Do you want a traditional church wedding or something non-secular? Once you decide what type of wedding that you wish to have, then you can start sorting out where the best venues are for your needs.

Know How Many

When you start searching for wedding venues, you should have a good idea of how many guests you’re inviting. While not everyone you send an invitation to will RSVP, you should assume they will and use that number to find a venue that will have room enough for everyone. The last thing you want on your wedding day is a crowded venue and worry about grumpy guests.

Do Online Investigating

Once you’ve found some venues you like, go online and research them to find other weddings held at the facilities. Try to find some pictures and the names of the couples so that you can contact them to determine how they liked the venue. If the venue’s website has a review page, then read it to find out what clients and guests did or didn’t like about the venue and its services. Read their social media sites for comments or complaints from former clients as well.

Take Notes

When you select wedding venues to view, take pictures and notes so you will remember the details about each venue. After the viewings, it can be hard to remember the details about each one if you don’t have a way to remember what you saw, liked or didn’t like about the facilities. This can be easily remedied by taking notes and using your mobile to take pictures while touring each venue.

After you use these tips to narrow down a list of venues and gather information on them, you should be able to select the best one to fit your needs. Depending on when you want to get married, you will need to book the venue about six to nine months in advance for your dream wedding.