English Flashcards – A Novel and Fun Method of Learning to Communicate

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Learning a foreign language is one task that many of us will never get to do, but wish we actually had tried. There is something special about people who know how to speak and write more than one language. Linguistic experts actually believe the brain is hard-wired in a different way to those of us whom are monolinguist.

If you ever want to choose a better time to learn a foreign tongue, or simply brush up on your English, then doing so from a very early age is always best. Young minds learn faster and the information sticks thanks in part to the enthusiasm and inquisitiveness of the child.

Whether English is the first or second language of a child it is a vital language to master. Being one of the world’s most widely used languages it has to be at the top of every child’s agenda. One way in which you can add a little fun to the learning process for younger children is to introduce them to flashcards. Flashcards are a way of injecting fun and excitement into grasping a foreign language, and as much so the English language.

A flashcard set with key English terms and a list of adjectives, verbs, nouns and pro-nouns comes in a box well suited for kids. The box is durable (so you can drop it without harming or destroying the contents), lightweight and has a magnetic lid top. They can fit neatly and nicely on a bookshelf and take up such little room that you could buy one for every child in the classroom and store them on the bookshelf.

At first the child is asked to read, then write down the answer. But don’t worry if your younger one has made a mistake (which they so often will) as the “magic” pen simply has an eraser added to it, so children can rub out and start again.

What’s Inside the Pack?

The flashcards are for kids of all ages and also come supported for many other languages such as French, German, Arabic, or Spanish. Inside each pack are removable stickers, reward tokens you can stick onto your booklet and an online learning portal which connects to a student’s actual progress.

Each set has instructions, support stickers, reward stickers, durable box, and pens with erasers and, of course, the English flashcards. The child-friendly set is available direct from Word United.