Driving with a Baby


As new parents the thought of traveling with baby can be a little overwhelming. Here some tips to make your travels a little easier whether you are out for a little shopping or on a road trip on your favourite SUV 2017 Nissan Pathfinder or any other.


Your baby will hopefully have developed some routines including sleeping and eating habits. Take a look at your day and plan your travel time so that it does not interfere with their schedule. This will make it easier on both of you. Most babies will sleep well in the car so heading out near their nap time is always a good idea. As well feeding baby and then heading out usually works well. If you are breastfeeding dress accordingly so you can breastfeed discreetly if need be and never breastfeed while the car is in motion.


One of the things many new parents do not consider is the sun. Think about what direction you will be traveling and decide if you can place baby out of the glare of the sun. If you can’t purchase a window blind made to keep the sun out of baby’s face. Nothing is more uncomfortable, especially on longer drives, than having the sun light glaring in your baby’s eyes.

Backseat Driver

Some new parents like to sit with their baby when driving. It is not a bad idea to have mom or dad sit in the back with baby. It is nice to keep your little one company but you can also keep an eye out for things such as your baby spitting up or fussing which can be distracting to new parents when driving. Many parents find this a good set up and it allows parents to get used to driving with a little one in the car.

Pack Accordingly

One thing most new moms learn quickly is that you never have enough of anything when it comes to heading out with your baby. You want to be certain you not only have diapers, but a change or two of clothing as well. You never know what might happen from massive spit ups to accidents with leaky diapers. Here is a check list that might come in handy if this is one of your first times heading out:

  • Diaper bag complete with change of clothes, plenty of wipes and diapers
  • Baby bottle if not breastfeeding
  • Charged cell phone
  • Blankets
  • Proper car seat
  • Pram or carrier for baby

Crying Baby

If your baby begins to fuss and then cry loudly make the right decision and find somewhere to pull over to make sure all is well. Driving with a crying baby can be very dangerous as it is distracting. This is especially true for new moms and dads who might not be used to driving with a baby on board. It is in your best interest as well as other drivers on the road to remain focused and pulling over will allow you to deal with your baby. Once you get them settled you can return to driving without distraction.

Ellie Darbyshire