Different Ideas for Designing Your Wedding Invitation


The months leading up to your wedding can be very exciting. However, they can also be quite hectic. It’s probably the biggest day in the lives of the two people in question, and if it’s your wedding day in particular, it’s completely natural for you to want everything to be perfect. Most couples plan their weddings on their own, paying a lot of attention to detail in order to ensure that the whole event goes as smoothly as possible. While it may be a very exciting time, the months leading up to your wedding are also going to be very frenzied and fast-paced. You will have to arrange for every little detail, ranging from the venue and the decorations to the printing of the wedding cards and receiving the corresponding RSVP’s.

Ideally, the wedding invitation cards need to be in line with the overall theme of the wedding. When you send out the wedding cards, it will give guests an idea about what they can expect at the big event. It’s such a joyous occasion, so you would obviously want the wedding cards to be special and unique.

While you can design the wedding cards on your own, you can also choose from pre-designed templates through different companies. For instance, Inspired Design wedding invitations are very popular nowadays. The company is known for its stylish and unique designs, adding a distinct touch to each template to make it completely different from the others. You can also design your own card using the customisation option. The company’s designers will give you suggestions about the best options available to make your card look as elegant and as unique as possible. Here are some different ideas that you can use when designing your wedding invitation card.


Lace is becoming a very popular choice in modern day wedding cards. Lace can be added to the envelope or used to thread two cards together in order to showcase a very delicate appeal. Lace adds a bit of a classy touch to the wedding card. You can also use lace ribbons along the border of the wedding card to give it a beautiful outlook.


You can choose from different types of wedding stationery papers in order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the card. If you don’t want to go for the conventional cardboard paper, you can opt for glassine, which is a thin, waxy paper that is most commonly used for making envelopes. It features a slightly glossy surface.

Matte paper is commonly used by many customers as well. You can select an opaque finish with matte paper in order to make the card look very distinctive. Mylar is also a common option used for making wedding cards and envelopes. While it has a similar feel to simulated foil paper, it also has a metallic and shiny texture that makes it look completely different from other types of paper variants. You can check out the different types of papers available at the company’s studio and select the one that best suits your budget and your requirements.