Caring for your little ones with


Parenting is a big responsibility which requires a lot of dedication and patience. You as new mother could be the best nursery for your new bundle of joy. As your job is calling you to join the duty and your maternity leave is going to end soon, you do not know what to do as you do not want to leave your son to the nanny and you are not getting any other option. You need not to worry; you can visit the Darling Buds Nursery.

How to select the best nursery for your kid?

  • You should checkout whether the nursery allows visiting the nursery uninformed. If they have the procedure its ok otherwise you should look for other alternates for your kid. It is the policy of the regulating bodies that the nursery should allow the parents to visit the nursery uninformed. It gives you an insight of the nursery, the real status and the treatment given by the staff of the nursery to the kids.
  • All the day nurseries should have the policies and procedures displayed on the notice board. These nurseries should be visited by the authorities and should have the registration certificate displayed on the notice board.
  • You should know about the staff of the nursery especially the practitioner. You should checkout about their qualifications and if they are not qualified then how they feel about their job. You must checkout from the manger if you find anything suspicious about the practitioner. You must have full confidence and faith on the staff that is going to take care of your child before leaving your child with them.
  • The nursery must have different activities conducted through the practitioner. They should be experienced in conducting the games and the activities for the children as per their age group and physical build up.
Ellie Darbyshire