Affair Dating Do’s and Don’ts – By


Tinder is the favorite choice of people looking for an affair at any time of their lives for it has been proven to the best app for the purpose it is intended. With your own, you will learn how to do it safely and no fear of being caught. Needed in every illicit affair is the safeguard of not getting caught! is perfect for you

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Following the do’s and don’ts in affair dating will go a long way to success

Every type of dating follows some do’s and don’ts to keep the affair running smoothly on all fronts. Your main goal is never to get caught; so stay sharp and alert!


  1. Always be safe by using protection. One way to get caught is giving your spouse a nasty infection from you.
  2. Wait seeing your lover on holidays. Spend these days with your family and friends so they will not suspect you cheat on your wife it you want to go out by yourself.
  3. Secure ways of communications. Practice safe coms by keeping emails safe & away from your spouse sight. Always close browser windows, clear browser caches and if at all possible keep all contact to one exclusive device that is never to be shared.
  4. Be yourself. Changing your behavior will quickly be picked upon by friends, family and colleagues. Continue your normal productive lifestyle because only one other person knows the secret.
  5. Take the risk. An affair is a serious risk that might affect your family for it demands little more than quick, casual hook-ups. Remember to keep physical contact to a stolen minimum. It makes later moments much more thrilling!
  6. Set boundaries in the relationship. An affair should be approached as the last form of relationships that includes few stolen moments of maximum discretion, sex and hunger for each other’s company. Explore further needs to be taken firmly in the slower manner over a long period of time.


  1. Don’t divulge so much of yourself. Do not over-share information about yourself. If you are having an extramarital affair, do not talk about personal details of your life. Keep everything about you confidential.
  2. Don’t expose so much of yourself at work. Just because they know your secret, you feel free to tell them that you are sleeping with someone. This situation could complicate your work in many ways like a hindrance to a promotion or your enemy might use it to blackmail you. Be smart and just say quiet.
  3. Never tell a soul – Keep your affair a secret – a secret is only for two. Even the most sympathetic best friends should not know about the affair, as even if they promise to keep quiet there is always a chance that they will have a slip of their tongue.

Having an affair on or any other apps is exciting but it adds burden in your life. If you want a peace and serenity with your family; then don’t start!! But if you believe that you only live once, then explore the exciting side of life you never thought possible. Have an affair today.

Jesse Sternberg