5 Wonderful Ways to Wow People at Your Wedding


It’s the most important day in many people’s lives and one that marks a major milestone reached in adult life. Weddings are a joyous occasion and one that brings people together to celebrate and share in the lives of others. That’s also why it’s so important to get it right.

Wowing people at a wedding is a surefire way to make it as memorable as possible. From small details to grand gestures there are lots of ways you can do that but pulling them off requires a lot of planning and a generous budget. These five ideas, however? They are simple and cost effective enough to have just as much of an impact.

Wedding Sparklers

Giving guests wedding sparklers is a great way of getting people involved and having fun. Get them going on the walk out from the wedding and the atmosphere is no doubt going to be stepped up a notch or two. You can even have writing competitions using the sparklers, writing romantic messages designed to catch the eye of the beaming bride and groom. Lots more ideas of what to do with wedding sparklers can be found if you click here.

Ribbon Wands

A lot simpler to make than confetti, ribbon wands cause far less mess too (making clear up easy and stress free). Make them into a range of colors to fit a theme or design and you can really add some customization into a wedding too. Couple that with original and custom made RSVP cards and guests are never going to have much trouble recalling your special occasion and everything involved that went into making it all the more impressive.

Themed Table Names

Giving the tables at your wedding a topical song name or lyric and having people on the table get up and dance, when the song plays, is another great game that gets everyone participating in the reception. Couple that with hangover gifts for guests to take away and suddenly the fun becomes even more regretful yet a little less painless.

Wedding Crèche

For some parents the hope of getting free of children to have a bit of freedom and fun becomes all the more recognizable at an event like a wedding. As a host, putting on a crèche or setting aside a separate room for young children to stay entertained in means parents can do just that.

Take Away Boxes and Canapes

Food is usually a huge factor at a wedding and something that can really help separate the stand out ones from the not so memorable. Giving guest take away boxes to take away some cake or leftover food in is a great way to not let catering efforts go to waste as well as give everyone a little token reminder of how good the food can be.

Couple that with sending out canapés with small reminders of what was served and suddenly your gastronomic guile becomes even sharper, impressing your guests even further.

Weddings needn’t be boring and expensive, these five tips really can go a long way!