5 Reasons Why Couples Split Up

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“If sex is a part of your relationship, you must not expect life-long loyalty from your partner” – a lady posted it on her Facebook page. Many started bullying her while others appreciated such an honest statement. However, that three-lettered word is not the sole ground for couples’ separation.

In the US, it is a common saying that half of all marriages end in divorce. We have approached many eminent experts – they are practicing psychiatrists or Arizona divorce attorneys – to give their opinion about the top 5 reasons for divorce. Here are what they have identified as the most common causes for split-up in married life.

Marrying For Wrong Reasons

These days, marriage is not made in heaven; rather money makes it happen! Wealth is a lollypop luring many into wed lock. After a few years, the same people start looking for ways to get rid of the chain. And then there are many who marry just because think they should do it. Now you see these people tied knots for wrong reasons. How can you expect them to live happily forever?

Overdependence on Partner

Overdependence on spouse never makes a relationship healthy but causes it to decay at its core. If you fail to establish your own identify and depend on your partner for every decision, that coupledom will soon spell boredom into your life.  That unfortunately leads to break up.

Not Having Common Visions

He loves going out too often; he loves classic movies; he loves food in local restaurants and he loves so many things you don’t. That clash slowly creates cracks in your life. “I discovered a totally different person after marriage!” Think about it the other way. He is the same man you fell in love with but you failed to recognize the real ‘he’ in him or your expectations have changed over time. It is still possible to stay together happily if only you respect those major differences. But it is very tough though.

Passion Taking Backseat

The sizzling passion on bed cools down within a few years of marriage, especially after the birth of your children. Sex plays a major role in conjugal life. Men and women have difference in their needs to be sexually aroused and feel romantic in bed. If both can meet each other’s expectations and needs, it’s fine. But when there is a mismatch, it triggers a pull-back from each other. Such intimate estrangement, if not rectified, ultimately leads to divorce as the couples start feeling that they are no longer loved, cared and appreciated.

Expectations Not Fulfilled

Every one of us wants to be happy. Feeling of happiness comes from within and when it does not, we force others to do everything that could make us happy. Blaming, complaining, nagging, criticizing, emotional blackmailing etc are different forms through which a man/woman coerces the partner to make him/her happy.

Adjustment is important when one or both of you feel unsatisfied but that must not be accomplished by exerting force on each other.

Ellie Darbyshire